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congratulations! (this is the sweetest!)

Suddenly your name is super extra appropriate... Congrats!

Mazel tov! I wish you all the best. Adorable announcement, BTW ;)

Congrats! That was one of the most adorable announcement videos ever...he's one lucky boy! :)

Cutest birth announcement EVER?! Yep, I think so!
Congratulations you fantastically creative pair. Lucky boy :)

What a beautiful announcement! Can't wait to see him in a bow tie :)

Congratulations! Wouldn't expect an announcement from you two to be any less cute. This little boy will be decked out in the most fabulous neck wear ever.

Congratulations guys! Babies are everything! We're expecting our first too in Feb! Enjoy everything and I hope you have a smooth pregnancy.

Cutest video ever! Congratulations on the sweet bebe boy.

Congrats! I'm due with a boy in February as well!

Congratulations!! So exciting! Yay for boys!! February is a fantastic month to be born in. Especially February 18th. :) xoxo

So great! Congratulations! The video is perfect.

Congratulations to you! You're going to make the most amazing parents ever! I'm so excited for your family :D

Also, by far the best gender reveal I've ever seen!

cutest announcement video evah!!! Congrats to you both!

incredible! much love and congratulations!

Super cute! Congratulations, you guys! xoxoxoxox

So cute...love you two to pieces...xoxo....congrats !

what a beautiful video! congrats you guys!

I adore this! And I'm so happy for your both. :)

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