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it looks so cool

kicking myself for not checking this post earlier! i live 40 min. from the curiosity shoppe! and i would have most definitely made a trip out to see this amazing display in person. sigh. trying not to spend toooo much time reading blogs this summer. sure struck out here :)

what an amazing and inspiring project! Have been looking forward to my business trip to SF so I could see your amazing work in person. The display was beyond perfection. Couldn't resist taking a Liberty Stripe home with me ;)

I meant to comment when you first posted this, but...better late than never. BEAUTIFUL! My jaw dropped when I saw this display- it's seriously phenomenal. Congratulations!

really lovely- so wish my beau would wear one but since my baby boy is just a year old if I start him loving the bow tie now... well it may just stick.

One of the most beautiful and thoughtful displays I've ever seen. I adore it! Well done!

Such great images.

you guys did a great job!!!


Wonderful! (seriously, that's all I have to say)

congrats!! the packaging is amazing!

A Stunning display!!
Very Cool! Sounds like a fun and inspiring
time in SF.

You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yikes everything you do looks amazing.
LOVE the display with the old wooden display units and the photos behind, so lovely.
thanks for your constant inspiration xx

Amazing picks! Congratulations! I would love to just come by and visit. Too bad I am at the other end of the world ;-)

Wow! It looks even better than I could have imagined. Congratulations on a superb project beautifully brought to reality.

This looks so great, congrats!

wow that is a beautiful display!

it looks fantastic, of course. i'm hoping to make it over tomorrow after i hit the renegade craft fair to see them in person.

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