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Amazing set up - I just LOVE it!!!!!! :)

Your booth set up is so charming and wonderful. I love it! I hope I get to visit it in person someday.

What a beautiful setup. Inspiring.

Is that a heart with a dart stuck in it? How cool is that! Fantastic stuff.

Are you coming to the chicago RCF?

You display is one of the most stellar, creative ones i've ever seen. I wish you guys were doing the one in LA so i could see it in person!

I'm super glad I did get to see it in real life! I was one of the super many who stopped by and said hi and babbling about how I admire so much all of the artfulness, color design and effort that goes into all your stuff but it's so true and it was all even more lovely in person.

Absolute perfection. I'm glad I didn't see this in real life... would have left penniless.

What a gorgeous display! You guys should be very proud - that's amazing.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Every detail is perfect!

I love your new business card holder!
Hope everything is going well.

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